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A few years ago, I was in a toxic relationship and was trying to make sense of not only how the hell I managed to allow myself to get into that situation but also how I could break free both physically and emotionally. Because I am an over analytical person by nature (Hey Virgo!), I had to analyze not just him and his behavior but also me and mine.  One Thursday, I began sharing those thoughts and epiphanies on IG. Others were notes that I wrote to my younger self. What started out as little notes to myself on self-worth, self-preservation, love, life, and moving on; later turned into  tens of thousands of people not only identifying with the things that I spoke about but also receiving healing from my words. During this time, I had also entered my first year of my Forensic Psychology PhD program so I was also able to begin to put a psychological lens on my insights and experiences to take it a step further.  Surprisingly to me, it caught on and grew like wild fire! While I thought I was in my own bubble trying to heal in real time through analytical writing as I have always done; I was also helping out throngs of other women as well as men in making sense of their lives. I was also very frank and blunt in my posts and spoke very colorfully about each topic while refusing to mince words. I called this the “tough love” component. Every Thursday, I set aside time to dedicate a “purging session” where I discussed everything that encompasses the growing pains of life.


I named it Therapy Thursday because it was just as much therapeutic for me as it was for my readers. Then it just grew. I did it again the next Thursday and the Thursday after….and so on. When I tried to take a break, I was begged to keep it going because my posts kept people going unbeknownst to me.  As I became even more proficient in Psychology and behavior science, I was able to give even better advice and sound affirmations.  Today, a lot of my therapy Thursday posts are regurgitations of what I say to my clients as they come in to see me with their various issues. Others are things that I see on social media or out in the world that I want to speak on. Then others are still notes to my younger self and future daughter. The bulk of my posts are for my sisters as I am very big on the Sisterhood and I just want my sisters to heal. In May 2017, I completed my last class for my PhD program and entered my candidacy. I took the summer off so that I could recharge my battery and re-center myself. During this free time, I began taking on more clients for 1 on 1 personal development sessions; many of whom had been followers of my Therapy Thursday posts for years but wanted a more intimate and person-centered touch from me. I also became a part of the Sip & Become movement tour which is a workshop led  by mental health professionals that assist women in speaking their truth and releasing their deepest hurt,  transforming their mental, and coaching their  manifestation of  greatness for life's success through sisterly bonding and positive mental health promotions.

 While on this sold out tour coupled with my personal development sessions with clients and being asked by a plethora of others for more intimate advice and sessions; I came to the realization that I would need to provide my Therapy Thursday on a more intimate scale as this is when I am really able to dig deep, zero in on the issues of individuals and give them the extra TLC they need to navigate through it. After much deep thought, I decided that while I enjoy my Therapy Thursday posts, now as a life coach and mental health professional I have the responsibility to bring my sessions  to one on one or in small intimate groups as I am able to really focus on healing and transitions to better a better quality of life. When I am not healing sisters while on tour, I can commit my time, education, and experiences to tailored sessions that fit the individual. Enter the birth of Therapy YOURday. Therapy Your-day will allow me to continue to give my popular and adored advice but now on a more intimate and personalized level to fit YOU.  It allows me to use a person-centered approach as I believe that autonomy is an essential component of healing. I am now proud to offer one on one sessions, family conflict/resolution sessions, couple sessions, mentoring, and life coaching to name a few.  These sessions can be face-to-face, over the telephone, and via Skype or Facetime as I’ve learned that people are more comfortable to self-disclose when they are in comfortable settings and after all, this is Therapy Your-Day done YOUR way right? So let’s make sure that they are tailored to fit all of your needs.

If you are interested in any of the aforementioned sessions, click here to be directed to my Booking page on my website www.aprilnichole.com and let’s start YOUR healing done your way.  Let’s connect and start your healing today. I look forward to hearing from you.